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Do More in 2019~ Benefits of Volunteering

ProTip: Keep the Train Moving

New Year, New Possibilities

Not the Gift, But the Giving




ProTip: Set Goals Beyond Yourself

Giving Thanks Isn't Just "Thank You"

Say This, Not That: Lost in Translation

ProTip: Bit by Little Bit



ProTip: Keep Climbing


ProTip: Just Because It Doesn't Work, Doesn't Mean It's a Failure

What Four Things Impact First Impressions?


ProTip: Keep Your Eyes, Ears, and Mind Open

5 Customer Service & Sales Steps to Success

15 Customer Service Mistakes

ProTip: Speed or Distance?

Round 4: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

Two-Minute Tune-Up: Answer the Question

ProTip: Invent the Future

You Get Your Evaluation Report From Us, Now What?

Are You Really Customer Centric?

ProTip: Being a Guide Takes You Places

Round 3: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

Sleek, Fresh, and Improved = ProSolutions

ProTip: Get Out on the Water

Round 2: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

Say This, Not That: Respect Your Customer

Round 1: Your Customer Service Questions Answered

Are You Ready For Your Future Customer?

Get Fired Up: 5 Sales Stats That You Need To Know (& More)

Manners Matter ~ Always

It's All About Customer Service AND Sales

Say This, Not That: Greetings

ProTip: Two Ears, Only One Mouth

Green is the New Black

5 Steps To Better Service Recovery: REACT

ProTip: What's On the Other Side of the Door?

Learn the Four C's of Successful Selling

5 Hospitality Trends To Keep An Eye On In 2018

ProTip: Just Keep Pedaling, Just Keep Pedaling...

Let's revisit this: Are You a WINNER or a LOSER?


ProTip: Head Into the Wind

2018 = Time for a Fresh Start

From Our Tree To Yours...Happiest of Holidays

ProTip: Add "Holiday Hurry" to Your Recipe for Success

Customer Service & Sales: Be Authentic

The 2017 Insight of Kindergarteners: Customer Service

ProTip: It's the Holidays - How Long is Your To-Do List?

The Benefits of Thankfulness & A Tool to Show It

3 Important "You Rules" in Customer Service

ProTip: The Most Wonderful, Distracting Time of Year

Recovering That Bad First Impression You Just Made

Do This, Not That: Optimistic Attitude

ProTip: A Gym Membership for Your Brain

Three Customer Service Rules That You Need to Follow Correctly

The ProSo Method To Achieving Service "wow's"

ProTip: Go Your Own Way

4 Step SIMPLE Sales Process

3 Steps To Positive and Memorable Customer Interactions

ProTip: Keeping Taking Things Away from Your Customers

3 Tips for Risk Taking

Do This, Not That: Thank The Customer First

ProTip: Sticking Your Foot in the Door (Carefully)

Say This, Not That: Find a Better Way to Deliver "No"

Are You Cut Out To Deal With Difficult Customers? 5 Quotes That Help

ProTip: Fixing a Communication Breakdown

12 Rules of Being a Successful Manager

ProSo Picks #11: Impress & Deliver Quality, Like Gucci

ProTip: What's Your Brand Mean?  Ask Your Customers.

Two-Minute Tune-Up: Don't Keep Your Customer Guessing What's Next

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Be Attentive & Listen (#4 of 10)

ProTip: Uncover Happiness, Large and Small

Questioning Skills: Learn How To Work Smarter, Not Harder

A Tale of Two Hotel Experiences

ProTip: Leaders Are Part of the Team, Too

Say This, Not That: Learning a Better Way to Say No

ProSo Picks #10: Handling Customer Demands That Can't Be Met & Personalized Service

ProTip: Are You Trying Too Many Things at Once?

TWO-MINUTE TUNE-UP: Instructions

Happy April Fool's Day!

Happy Customers = Increased Sales

ProTip: Building a Fence Can Make You Less Stressed

Would You Buy From You?

ProSo Picks #9: We care about customer service and will deliver our best!

ProTip: The Tortoise, Not the Hare

Say This, Not That ~ You're With The Company

ProSo Picks #8: Bring on the customer service!

ProTip: Bad Attitudes Are Contagious, but You Can Be Immune

Hospitality Trends: 2017

Deliver QUALITY Customer Experiences to Your Customers

ProTip: Why Does it Feel Like the Work is Never Done?

Say This, Not That ~ It's Your Job

The Insights of Kindergartners: Customer Service

ProSo Picks #7: Unwrap Some Memorable Customer Service

ProTip: The First Step to Achieving Your Goals

Customer Service Tip: A Positive Response Formula

ProTip: Avoid the Bobblehead Look

Say This, Not That: Find the Answers

ProSo Picks #6: How Much Do You Really Know About Customer Service?

ProTip: One Simple Step to Better Solutions

Arnold Palmer ~ A Life Well Played

ProSo Picks #5: Wait- National Customer Service Week was last week?

ProTip: Improve Your Customer and Employee Experience by Asking Questions

Say This, Not That: Customer Conversations

ProSo Picks #4: A Couple Helpings of Customer Service with a Side of Negativity

ProTip: A Zero Tolerance, Rudeness-Free Zone

Everyone Needs A Mentor And Here Is Why

ProSo Picks #3: Build a Customer Service Culture that Exceeds Expectations & Creates Loyalty (Even When Things Go Wrong)

ProTip: Try the Truth

Problem Resolution ~ REACT

ProSo Picks #2: Using Customer Service to Gain a Competitive Advantage

ProTip: How Soon is "Soon"? Which Minute is "Any Minute Now"?

Customer Service vs. The Customer Experience

ProSo Picks: It's All About Customer Service

5 Ways to Make Customers Feel Good

ProTip: What's Vital to Your Work May Not Be What You'd Expect

14 Customer Service Sins

8 Things that You Should Say to Your Customers


Say This, Not That: Assumptive Close

Successful Selling: Use Differentiation to Capture More Customers

ProTip: Benefit or Burden?  Surprise or Strain?

10 Targeted Ways To Help Your Customers Fall In Love With Your Business

5 Quotes to Help You Deal with Difficult Customers

ProTip: Chart a Clear Course

35 Inspiring and Motivating Customer Service Quotes

No Second Chances with First Impressions

ProTip: Showing Up to Work Isn't About Attendance

Customer Service: Say This, Not That!

Reinvent Your Customer Service to Make it Fun

ProTip: Watching Out for the Risk Iceberg

Attitude IS Everything

To Be the Best Leader, You Must Build Trust

ProTip: Your Home Office is Still an Office

It's ALWAYS About The Basics

PLEASE: Follow Up and Follow Through

ProTip: Are You Fueling Your Team with ARE?

Still Waiting....

Our Customer Loyalty Cheat Sheet

ProTip: Anticipation is Critical in Service (and Hockey)

ProTip: Timing Your Smile

15 Must Have Customer Service Skills

ProTip: Because I Said So

The Insight of Kindergarteners: Customer Service

ProTip: For More Creativity, Color Inside the Lines

4 Simple Tips for Service Safety

ProTip: Go Beyond "Thanks"

3 Tips To Make This Holiday Season Profitable

ProTip: Yeah, But...

Are You a WINNER or a LOSER?

ProTip: Schedule the Unexpected

Good Manners Matter, Especially in Hospitality

10 Customer Service Skills That Will Make You Money

ProTip: Another Reason Your Mother (and Your Dance Teacher) Were Right

Qualifying: The Blueprint of the Sale

ProTip: I'm Sorry - 6 Steps for Taking Personal Responsibility

6 Statistics About Sales Follow-Up You Need to Know

ProTip: Having Trouble Starting?  Try Starting Small.

Tips for Negotiating for the Win-Win

ProTip: Only One Secret to Closing the Sale

No More Predictable & Stuffy Customer Service

ProTip: You Know What They Say About Assumptions

8 Steps to A Better Customer Experience

ProTip: Thinking Alike Can Mean Not Thinking

ProTip: Never Sell on Price Alone

Creating A Customer Focused Culture

ProTip: You Look, but You Don't See

Hotel Front Desk & Sales: Little Customer Service "Wows"

ProTip: A Simple Sign of a Team

How To Make Good Service, GREAT

ProTip: Put Out the Welcome Mat

Accomplish More, Procrastinate Less

ProTip: Get out from Behind the Desk, Literally

A Refresher on How to Be Highly Effective

ProTip: Three Words to a Better Customer Experience

Humor: A Customer Service & Sales Secret

ProTip: Stop Making More Work for Yourself

5 Steps To A Better Leader

ProTip: Learn to Better Read Body Language

Inbound Sales Calls: Your Cheat Sheet

ProTip: What Do Your Customers Want?

4 Levels of Service Awareness...Revisited

ProTip: Set Your Inclusion Policies Using Inclusion

Simple, But Not Too Simple, Customer Service

ProTip: Your First Response to a Stall or an Objection

3 Fundamentals of Better Customer Experiences

ProTip: Search for the Best in Your "Worst" Customers

14 Email Rules to Follow in Business

ProTip: Give Your Training a Leg Up (or at Least Legs to Stand On)

Coffee with a Side of Twitter

ProTip: Low-Hanging Fruit Won't Solve Your Problems

To Rock at Customer Service, You Need to Know These 8 Statistics

ProTip: A Little Stress is Good

How Successfully are You Using Your Time?

ProTip: Pass on the Pronouns for Clearer Communication

Customer Service & Sales: The Proof is in the "Putting"

ProTip: Three Simple Goals from the Leaders in Etiquette

5 Customer Service Myths

ProTip: Watch the Order You Ask Questions in for More Targeted Results

Your Love Affair with the K.I.S.S. Method of Customer Service

What's Your Story?

ProTip: "The Customer is Always Right" is Wrong

Business & Life Tips That Should be Taught in School

ProTip: One Easy Step to Improve Any Customer Inquiry

Great Service Isn't Rocket Science

ProTip: Customer Service is a Chain

Grande Lakes Orlando Nails Customer Service - Do You?

ProTip: Make More Out of Your Training Investment

Another Take on Hospitality Trends for 2015

ProTip: Don't Lose the Customer if You Lose the Sale

Get on Social Media & Don't Make These 4 Mistakes

ProTip: 3.5 Reasons You Aren't Achieving Your Goals

3 Steps To A More Focused Service Delivery

ProTip: Ask Your Customer What to Do

5 Simple Steps for Sales Calls

ProTip: Are You Leveraging Time?

4 Questions On How To Know Your Customer

ProTip: The Quickest Way to Innovation

25 Customer Service Skills You Should Have

ProTip: Marketing is for Your Employees, Too

Hotel Price Positioning With Strategy

ProTip: To Email or Not to Email, That is the Question

Top Hospitality Industry Trends for 2015

ProTip: One Question to Guide You to Better Presentations

Expectations Made Easy

ProTip: Who Should Set Your Standard for Quality?

Handling Customer Complaints 101

ProTip: While It's Not Fair, It's True

ProTip: Sherlock Knows about Good Business Sense

ProTip: Your Work is a Work in Progress

A Customer Service Point Of View

ProTip: Sometimes, You Shouldn't Spend More Time on a Customer

Get Back To The Customer Service Basics ~ And Stay There

ProTip: Service Recovery After the Apology

We Are Back To The Future

ProTip: Waiting for the "Perfect Time" Usually Means Waiting Forever

3 Types of Gifts Customers Should Get All Year

ProTip: The Most Compelling Selling Message

The Insight of Kindergarteners on Customer Service

ProTip: A Lesson from Samsung on Knowing Your Customers

The Bigger Picture of Thanksgiving

Thanking Your Customers Should Not Stop at "Thank You"

ProTip: Your Product May Not Be What You Think

In Business, Honesty Truly Is The Best Policy

ProTip: One Easy Step to a Better Follow-Up Email

Field Guide for Dealing with 15 Difficult Customer Types

ProTip: 3 Big Cooperation No-Nos

Let's Tackle Teamwork

ProTip: 1 Easy Activity to Enhance Your Brand Image

Customer Surveys: How to Do Them Right

ProTip: Your Multitasking is Slowing You Down

Questioning Without Quizzing

ProTip: The Power of Your Imagination

The Four Things that Impact First Impressions

ProTip: Some Customers Don't Want to Be Hugged

4 Levels Of Service Awareness

ProTip: Do Avoid "Don't" Thinking

Learn Basic Graphic Design in <6 Minutes

ProTip: Execs Need to Get Close to the Problem to Solve It

Customer Communication: Simply, Simplicity

ProTip: Before the "Yes" - Preparing for Negotiation

Using Bad Customer Service to Inspire Good Customer Service

ProTip: Be a Pessimist to Lower Stress and Set Yourself Up for Success

6 Steps To A Better Customer Experience

ProTip: Fail Better

The Power of Empowering Your Customers

ProTip: Coach Employees Up by Sending Out an SOS

REACT: Handling Customer Problems

ProTip: You're Probably Blaming the Wrong People for Your Failing Standards

Top 16 Email Etiquette Tips

ProTip: Cut Dependency Out of Your Team

10 Important Customer Service Phrases

ProTip: Improve Your Marketing with Less

The Simple Four-Step Sales Process

ProTip: Turn Your Mistakes Around with This Stress-Relief Tip

Happiness in the Workplace

ProTip: Get Ahead of Industry Trends

The K.I.S.S. Principle in Customer Service

ProTip: You Don't Need a Crystal Ball to Anticipate the Future

How do you communicate?

ProTip: Don't Let Your Burnout Burn Your Customers

Going with Your Gut in Business

Simplifying the Customer Service Experience Strategy

ProTip: The Funny Side of Service

The Business Impact of Being Your Best Self

ProTip: Top Marketing Tip for the Masters at Apple and a Freebie

Anticipating...Customer Focused Service

ProTip: Simple Questions to Focus Your Marketing

Differentiating Customer Service for the Intangible

ProTip: Jump-Start Your Marketing with Customer Characteristics

Fill the Bucket: Create Positive Interactions

ProTip: A Culture of Continuous Improvement

What are Your Sales "Rules of Thumb"?

ProTip: 10 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress at Work

10 Time Management Tips

ProTip: Customer Trust Depends on That Old Playground Standby of "Fairness"

Anticipate, Manage, and Exceed Customer Expectations

ProTips: Three Questions That Will Help You Get It Done

Secrets of Leadership

ProTip: If You Aren't Aggressively Advancing, Technology is Leaving You Behind

Why You Need to Openly Accept Customer Feedback

ProTip: Evaluate, Don't Assume Success

Marketing Your Products: Keep It Simple, Keep It Easy

ProTip: Laugh It Up, Seriously

Getting Back to the Basics with Discovery and Feature & Benefit Selling

ProTip: One Simple Time Management Rule to Start the Day

Clear Customer Experience Strategies

ProTip: A Stress Tip from a Children's Book

Four C's of Successful Selling

ProTip: Limit Hospitality Employee Turnover with a Challenge

The 3 Levels of A Customer Experience

ProTip: A Lesson on Customer Engagement from The Boss (Springsteen, That Is)

Does Your Business Embrace "The Golden Rule"?

ProTip: What Geese Have to Teach Us About Teamwork

Brand Yourself

ProTip: Skip the Blame Game when Handling Angry Customers

You Could Sink Without A Strong First Impression

ProTip: Get More Done with Procrastination

10 Soft Customer Service Skills for A People-Focused Culture

ProTips: Listening is More Brain and Less Ears

A FOCUSed Approach = Higher Sales

ProTips: Giving the Best Constructive Criticism in Performance Reviews, Part 5

What About The Customer Experience?

ProTips: Find the Action Plan for Success in Performance Reviews,Part 4

8 Customer Service Statistics You Need to Know

ProTips: Incorporate Two Types of Goals into Performance Reviews, Part 3

To Master New Skills, Use Training Wheels

ProTips: Performance Reviews and the Spoonful of Sugar, Part 2

Customer Service: A Secret to Selling

ProTips: Create Growth, Not Fear, with Performance Reviews, Part 1

Coloring In and Outside the Lines in Business

ProTips: Setting Goals That Will Help, Not Hinder

New Year, New Opportunities

Giving the Gift of Genuine Service

ProTips: Add "Holiday Hurry" to Cut the Procrastination

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Show Your Appreciation (#10 of 10)

ProTips: Make a Good Impression in the Office

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: React Quickly (#9 of 10)

ProTips: Just How Long from Now is "Soon"?

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Be Honest (#8 of 10)

ProTips: Showing Thankfulness

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Exceed Expectations (#7 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Show Consideration (#6 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Personalize (#5 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Be Sincerely Attentive & Listen (#4 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Ask Appropriate Questions (#3 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: Build Trust & Rapport (#2 of 10)

Top 10 Customer Service Skills List: First Impression (#1 of 10)

Memorable Interactions: Customer Service Skills List

Tips and resources on how to be a master of customer service and sales; to improve yourself personally, as an employee, and as a leader; and much more.

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