Two-Minute Tune-Up: Don't Keep Your Customer Guessing What's Next

Posted by Jana Love

Jun 6, 2017 9:04:00 AM

Two-Minute Tune-Up (060617).png 

We often talk about customer loyalty, the importance of how to get there, and how to successfully maintain the relationship. This Two-Minute Tune-Up is to challenge you to re-think and re-focus whether or not you have the very best plan in place so that your customers are not asking, "What's next"? Consumerism today can be somewhat fickle. The winners in that race are the establishments that take the time and effort to build a customer lifecyle plan so that all customer steps, year after year, are defined and anticipated. Customers will try out your business for many reasons, but they will stay and become loyal customers for only a few reasons. They need to feel they are understood and heard, and they need to understand and trust how your business runs.

Take the Two-Minute Tune-Up challenge and determine if the operations of your business leave your customers asking, "what's next"? 


Topics: Being Attentive, Customer Lifecycle, Loyalty

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