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4 Step SIMPLE Sales Process

Katie Scheer / Sep 19, 2017 9:26:00 AM

"If we are prepared, we shall not fear." -Quentin L. Cook

So often people tell me that selling is one of the scariest and toughest parts of their jobs. The #1 reason why they feel this way is because they aren't prepared enough.  To be prepared, you have to have thorough knowledge, a winning game plan, and lots of practice.  These things, coupled with actually engaging in several real sales conversations, will diminish these fears greatly.  I do say that if someone in sales does not have at least a slight amount of nervousness, he/she has lost the edge and passion behind gaining a sale, so don't allow yourself to get complacent. 

What tips do we have for being successful in sales?  Check out this most useful infographic as it gives you 4 easy steps for mastering the process:

ProSolutions 4 Step Sales Process.png

When you break down the process into these 4 steps, it helps you to think more strategically and gives you the structure that is needed to execute efficiently and confidently.  Keep in mind, too—the key is to not over complicate selling by only thinking about making the sale.  Instead, focus on engaging the prospect in a useful conversation by telling him/her about how your product or service will help them and add value.  Nothing to be scared of anymore, right?

Download the 4 Step Sales Process



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