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ProTip: Follow the Golden Rule

Michelle Nitchie | Jun 17, 2020 7:26:49 AM

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Topics: Being Attentive, Confidence, Demonstrating Consideration, Honesty and Trust, Growth, Generosity

ProTip: Now's the Time to Be Resilient

Michelle Nitchie | Jun 15, 2020 7:42:00 AM

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Topics: Confidence, Growth

ProTip: Chart Your Course

Michelle Nitchie | Apr 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM

ProSolutions - Where Are You Headed

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Topics: Confidence, Innovation, Self Improvement, Growth

ProTip: Just Because It Doesn't Work, Doesn't Mean It's a Failure

Michelle Nitchie | Sep 25, 2018 9:04:00 AM

ProSolutions - Alternative Discoveries

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Topics: Confidence, Innovation, Growth, Risk Taking

Learn the Four C's of Successful Selling

Katie Scheer | Feb 13, 2018 9:37:00 AM

It is a very competitive and fast paced consumer world. For your business to thrive, you must take the time to learn (and know) your product, competition, market trends, economic factors, and current events. Customer relationships have to be built, AND accounts must be qualified.

How can you qualify and build customer relationships?  First, inquiring about the customer’s key needs and objectives are questions that must be asked during the sales process. Then, by understanding the needs of the customer, your sales process and pitch can be custom designed to match his/her key needs.  What's better?  Your customer will know that his/her needs are being met when you take the time to uncover his/her wants.  This will lead to loyalty and ongoing sales, which also results in a strong relationship. 

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Topics: Business Skills, Confidence

Arnold Palmer ~ A Life Well Played

Jana Love | Oct 17, 2016 9:04:00 AM

Jana_and_Mr_Palmer.jpgFrom someone that spent 19 years as Arnold Palmer's neighbor from October to April each year, his passing hit me hard. Most of us know him as the "King of Golf," which is very true, but, with or without the golf status, there is no denying the impact that he had on the very young, to the very old, and across many industries. His statistics in golf are indisputable, and the respect and admiration he commanded as a human being are nothing short of extraordinary. Pete Jansons wrote an article in the HiringSite blog powered by CareerBuilders called, 5 Small Business Leadership Lessons from Arnold Palmer, and it got my attention. Why? ProSolutions is almost 28 years old, and remains a small business. Any lesson from the "King" is more than worth my time. 

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Topics: Confidence, Passion, Inspiration

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