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ProTip: Create Light for You and Others

Michelle Nitchie | Jan 20, 2021 9:36:42 AM

Tips (012021)

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Topics: Thanks and Appreciation, Confidence, Demonstrating Consideration, Generosity

ProTip: Earn Loyalty

Michelle Nitchie | Jul 27, 2020 10:16:17 AM

Tips (072720)

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Topics: Customer Service, Demonstrating Consideration, Loyalty

ProTip: Follow the Golden Rule

Michelle Nitchie | Jun 17, 2020 7:26:49 AM

Tips (061720)

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Topics: Being Attentive, Confidence, Demonstrating Consideration, Honesty and Trust, Growth, Generosity

ProTip: A Few Simple Words

Michelle Nitchie | Mar 10, 2020 9:04:00 AM

ProSolutions - Express Gratitude

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Topics: Memorable Interactions, Thanks and Appreciation, Communication, Demonstrating Consideration

Say This, Not That: Lost in Translation

Jana Love | Nov 13, 2018 9:07:00 AM

What we say and what our customers hear can have two totally different meanings. Be aware that many phrases that are used daily might need to be considered as to whether or not what's being said is leaving the best impression. Here is an example—the customer is paying for their purchase and says to the person handling the check out, "thank you."  Sadly, 9 times out of 10 the person checking them out will say, "you're welcome" and leave it at that. Isn't this backwards? The customer is thanking the seller?! This is such a pivotal moment in leaving the best, last impression. Although, "you're welcome", is a nice phrase, if the customer does not receive a sincere, "thank you", the "you're welcome" feels like and sounds like, "NEXT." 

When considering how all team members represent your business by what they say and how they say it, these statements below offer some reflection on what not to say. 

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Topics: Communication, First Impressions and Greetings, Demonstrating Consideration

Say This, Not That: Respect Your Customer

Jana Love | May 22, 2018 9:06:00 AM

SayThisNotThat (052218)

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Topics: Customer Feedback, Communication, Demonstrating Consideration

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