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Madison Love / Feb 26, 2019 9:04:00 AM

ipad-632394_1280Technology has taken customer service to a new level over the years. Apps are where it’s at! They can make guest reservations, checking in to a flight, or learning what the wait time is for your favorite restaurant, just to mention a few, as easy as a few clicks on a phone or tablet. These technology features streamline processes for your guests and for your workers, which are both beneficial if conducted appropriately. 

Taking advantage of technology can propel your business, so here are some helpful tips and tricks when utilizing an app for your guests:

Continue being present: While these apps are available for the customers to simplify processes, it’s important to not rely on the app to do it all. When a customer comes to you rather than using the app, do not direct them back to the app. Apps should only be used as an alternative platform for customer service. 

Some companies want to refer clients to their apps for easy tracking on common searches, needs, and issues that their customers face. This can be very helpful when planning for the future or to track data. However, this is not a good enough reason to alienate in-person customer service when the customer requests it. 

Go the extra mile:  While we do live in a world that thrives on technology, it’s important not to assume that an app will be self-explanatory to each customer. Go above and beyond to insure the app is understandable. For example, for hotels apps, by putting a small card in each guest room with the downloading instructions and the purpose of the app, along with a guide to using it, will make its usage more probable and helpful. 

Many people will not go out of their way to do something if they don’t see the purpose. Make the benefits of using the app clear and concise for each guest. Along with making it accessible, make it free because this is not a way to make profit but to create a better experience.  (Remember: better experiences = bigger returns)

Make it unique: Every business is trying to keep up with the technology trends, therefore an app will not be an original idea. It is your job to make it one. Know your clientele and you’re your competition to excel in making an app that will surpass the others. Add features that other business apps lack and think about what would make your customers experience stand out. How can your app simplify the routine of your guests? Answering these questions will help personalize your app to your brand and be something that customers will not forget to use. Because isn’t that the point? 

Technology is only going to continue to grow into your business, so keep ahead of the curve by watching trends and by knowing which ones apply to your business. An app is versatile enough to bring a benefit to anyone’s company, as long as it is unique, well designed and thought-out, and, most importantly, not replacing the personal touch of customer service.

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