ProTip: Go Your Own Way

Posted by Michelle Nitchie

Sep 26, 2017 9:04:00 AM

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When we get stuck while trying to solve a problem, it's not uncommon to keep searching throught the traditional solutions, trying to find one that will fit.  And this makes sense, because it feels safer to take steps that are "tried and true."  But focusing only on those solutions can sometimes make us blind to new ideas and shut off our creativity.  It also means we will often try to force a solution that worked at a different company onto ours, which can certainly have mixed results.

The key is to notice when you're caught in this search loop.  If deciding which way to go seems to difficult, especially because none of the solutions is particularly appealing, its time to consider forging a new path.  Try making a list of your goals and a list of your limitations.  Then imagine - what if each of the limitations didn't exist?  This can often get your brain going in a different direction and knock you out of your "stuck" thinking.


Topics: Business Skills, Innovation, Decision Making

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