ProTip: A Zero Tolerance, Rudeness-Free Zone

Posted by Michelle Nitchie

Sep 13, 2016 9:00:00 AM

Rude_Girl.pngRude employees are rude for a reason: you allow them to be.  It's not their fault—it's yours.  You hired wrong, you trained wrong, or you coached wrong.  Just as you must kill an aggressive cancer by nuking it with chemotherapy, you must eradicate rudeness by displaying a zero-tolerance attitude.  We don't care if an employee "makes his numbers" or excels at some other aspect of his job.  If he's rude, he has to go.  Fire him, and for good measure, encourage him to work for a competitor.

- Roy Barnes and Bob Kelleher, Customer Experience for Dummies

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15 Must Have Customer Service Skills

Posted by Jana Love

Jan 12, 2016 10:00:00 AM

Skills_Logo.pngWe have talked several times about finding the right "employee fit"  for the job. Why? Because there seems to still be several organizations that could use and apply some additional information on the subject. 

So here we have the formula for you in words- below you will get the comprehensive list of "must have or must develop" skills. To most successfully implement these, companies must have a people-focused culture and human resources hiring strategy that focuses on finding and developing successful employees who meet company goals.  The disconnect comes when the company's business strategies, company culture, and HR activities are not aligned.

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