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5 Quotes to Help You Deal with Difficult Customers

Katie Scheer / May 10, 2016 9:34:00 AM

You are in business, which means you have customers.  Where there are customers, there are difficult customers.  We have all been put in that tough position of dealing with a very unhappy customer, and at times, we have a hard time keeping our cool.  Here are some simple quotes, along with my take on them, which will give you advice and tips for handling these tough customers and situations...


please_and_thank_you.pngLet's face it- no matter what is transpiring between you and your customer, using these common phrases should be something that still comes naturally.  As you are speaking to a disgruntled customer, be sure to use a polite tone and to use your "please" and "thank you's" in a genuine manner.  By doing so, your customer may just magically calm down since they are "magic words." 


Mood_and_manners.pngWe get it- customers can really put a damper on your good mood, and you might find yourself beginning to mirror their angry tone, facial expressions, and body language.  Don't.  As J.R.R. Tolkien said, "Speak politely to an enraged dragon.Remind yourself of your manners and continue to present yourself and the words that you say pleasantly.  Perhaps then your good demeanor will spread to them rather than vice versa.


Two_sides_to_the_story.pngWe know- you were taught this at a very young age.  Guess what?  It 100% applies in customer service.  While you may think (and know) that the customer is wrong, what you don't know is how the customer truly feels and believes.  Be compassionate and try to put yourself in their shoes.  Ask questions to get a good understanding, apologize for how the situation/issue has made them feel, and do your best to resolve the situation in a way that is mutually agreeable.



It's a big "duh"- customers usually have options, and those options may just swipe your customers from you. Always keep this in mind as you are handling all hard situations.  Think to yourself, "If this were me, how would I want this to be handled?"  Do your best to deliver a solution that makes the customer feel better.  Bonus- if you handle the experiences in a positive way, those customers will be more loyal to you than before the problem occurred. 


Not_Worth_Pleasing.pngShh...don't tell- we believe that customers can be fired too!  There are certain situations where there is no way you can turn a customer situation around, and the customer is irrational and a lost cause.  Make a valiant effort to resolve the issue, but cut your losses if you have to.  Some customers just aren't worth the headache, heartache, and financial strain. 

In closing, we know that sometimes your prospective customers can be very difficult too, so we have a FREE "Negotiating for a Win-Win" printable for you that will help. Click below and get this handy resource so you will have a keen understanding for how to win those tough prospective customers. Click to download our free printable.


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