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6 Statistics About Sales Follow-Up You Need to Know

Katie Scheer / Oct 20, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Truth: Using a structured follow-up system is a guaranteed way to grow your business and revenue. And there’s more- great follow-up processes will give your business a huge advantage over less tenacious competitors. Now here's some sales and follow-up stats that will surprise and also guide you...

Now you understand that timeliness, strategy, and consistency are very important when prospecting and following up. It’s also imperative that your efforts have value. At every touch point, you can add this value by including thoughts to help them, links to useful resources, and personalization and customization that allow you to build a relationship and trust. When you show that you are thinking beyond just a standard “I need to follow-up” effort, the more likely you are to become a front runner who is liked and appreciated.

Three quick tips that should become a part of your follow-up standards:

  • Develop and provide proposals and agreements very fast, while the iron is still hot.
  • Follow up on proposals in a timely manner and more than once if required.
  • Respond to ALL emails and phone calls within 24 hours (but preferably within moments).

You understand that there is great fortune in the follow-up- how it's done and what is said. And you must not give up.  Even if the prospect ignores your touches time and time again, odds are in your favor that one day you will get a reply.  And while you may not earn his/her business, you can guarantee that good things will be told about your business since you executed a sound, professional, and meaningful follow-up process.  What  communication strategies do you have in place to maintain top of mind awareness when a customer or prospect has been in contact with you?


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