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Katie Scheer / Oct 30, 2018 9:06:00 AM


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Serving the millennial generation calls for a change of routine, as they now represent the largest generation in the country. Millennials are known to be impatient yet pragmatic idealists, while also being known as authentic and transparent. These traits are what make them different from other generations and very unique customers. 

Having an understanding of the millennial lifestyle is key in knowing how to give them the style of service they need. What was once expected and warmly welcomed in the hospitality industry now calls for a redefinition. 

Here are some key millennial traits to know and understand: 

  • They are impatient. This is the most common word when describing a millennial. Time is the most valuable resource to them; therefore, making your hotel as efficient as possible is a key factor in redefining customer service for millennials. In regards to hotels, streamlining room check-in processes or having a self check-in station would be a great example of this.
  • Technology means everything to them. Millennial's engagement in technology is something to take advantage of. Making check-ins, room service, and loyalty programs available through their smartphones will radically alter consumer expectations. Allowing these customer service features to be mobilized creates a different experience for the millennial generation and gives them the opportunity to personalize it. 
  • Personal touch is still appreciated. Mobilizing customer service is a feature that most millennials are looking for; however, they still want personal attention. This is the biggest aspect to take away when redefining service for millennials. Giving the option of quick, "on the go" service through technology, but also showing that you are personally there for them, should they need/want it, is what they prefer. You can achieve this by training your staff to always greet, remember names, and preferences, as well as by offering to go the extra mile for your guests.
  • They aren't your typical business travelers. Millennials want their trips to be part work and part vacation. It is the hotel's job to facilitate that—create an atmosphere that allows both work and play. A great way to do this is by having an app for your guests to use, showing local shops, bars, restaurants, etc. Make it accessible even outside your business. 
  • They crave authentic experiences. Millennials are our most authentic generation. They want real experiences and honest communication. Many of the common “wow” factors will not impress the millennial. They use social media as a tool to get to your business. Also, millennials want to know what is going on behind the scenes and want to see the imperfections. Achieve this by posting less photos of the rooms and hotel itself and more photos of the staff in their everyday work life. Millennials like to relate to who they follow on social media, so be funny, real, and worry less about being seen as "corporate."
  • They are economical. Millennials live within their means and would rather spend their money on experiences than items. Keep this in mind when pricing your hotel. Adding more experience based aspects to your hotel will go a long way.

Knowing these personality traits about millennials will help redefine customer service for the new chapter of customers. Catering towards millennials is an investment, and streamlining service and creating an authentic stay will bring in millennials and keep them loyal towards your business. That's a good goal, right?


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