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Jana Love / Dec 4, 2018 9:06:00 AM

When evaluating an employee’s performance, it is also important to reflect on how they are being treated. The way in which an employee is valued can directly correlate to how they perform on a daily basis. This is especially true with the new generation of employees who view jobs as a means to a lifestyle and not a lifestyle itself. 

The value placed upon an employee sets the standard for the amount of pride they are going to take in their job. Do they enjoy working for your establishment? Do they feel appreciated? Are they challenged to be better? Have you facilitated a work space that gives room for failure and recovery?  These simple questions are a great way to determine the type of leadership you have and the changes you may want to make.

Creating a positive work environment reflects on both your employees and your customers, too.  Studies have found that engaged employees were 87% less likely to leave their companies as opposed to disengaged employees. And statistically, companies see two and half times more revenue with engaged employees. This shows that treating employees with respect and cultivating an environment in which one can grow not only helps your employees flourish but your business as well.

It's also important s to remember when evaluating the management style you have established within your business that 75% of employees who voluntarily leave their jobs quit because of their bosses rather than the job itself.  

Here are 4 powerful ways to foster a healthy work environment: 

Don’t skimp on employee training. This seems obvious, but in many cases training has become standardized and is often times rushed, leaving employees frustrated and set up for failure. Quality training prepares employees for success as well as your business. 

Don’t micromanage. This can be exceedingly difficult for some business owners. Employees don’t grow when they are being micromanaged; allow mistakes and provide helpful feedback to fix it for next time. Allowing employees the freedom to work without the distraction of being micromanaged allows new processes to be invented and shows that you trust and respect your employees. 

Do conduct reviews regularly. A productive work space is one that helps employees reach their goals both personal and professional. Having regularly scheduled individual sit downs once a week to check in on your employees will not only keep everyone on the same page but will show much you value them. 

Do create an open communication environment. Encourage your employees to share their ideas, whether it be about projects, company growth, or even their feedback on how they are being managed. Allowing your employees to feel comfortable enough to speak on how they are being managed will offer a completely different perspective for you as a manager. Company culture is a constantly developing unit and will foster positive and productive employees.

The infographic below gives 10 statistics about disengaged employees. Shocking, indeed! Take a look:  



This infographic was crafted with love by Officevibe, the platform that helps you to be a better leader and make your employees happy.


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