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Maximize Your Customer Service

Jana Love / May 7, 2019 9:12:00 AM

How are you maximizing your business' customer service through social media? Do you have eyes on all platforms? 

These days, businesses must have a dedicated social media employee or team to monitor any and all comments and complaints that cycle in. Approximately 70% of customer service complaints made on Twitter go unanswered by the tagged businesses. This is a perfect example of poor customer service, and social media is changing the customer service world by making complaining as easy as 140 characters or less. 

A rather shocking statistic regarding the importance of customer service via social media is that 89% of consumers who experience poor service with your business will leave and go to your competition. Social media has streamlined the customer service process leaving people unforgiving when their expectations are not met and they are eager to find another business that will meet their needs. 

Ironically, when measuring customer satisfaction, social media in general ranked among the worst on the list, specifically Facebook. While these platforms aren’t keeping up with their own capabilities, they are able to skate by due to having such large numbers. However, adding someone to manage your responses on each site will set you apart from your competition. Despite being bad at it, social media remains a big contender in defining the customer service experience. 

Other benefits besides ensuring your customers feel heard, are being able to access these complaints which allow you to have an inside look on how your business is showing up on these platforms. Social media will give you a good look as to how your business is being received. 

Go the extra mile and make customer service via social media a priority within your business. Once a review is online, it will live there forever but so will your response back. Customer service is evolving, and your business needs to evolve with it. ClickSoftware made the infographic below that sheds even more light on what we talked about above. Take a look. 

Real Cost of Bad Customer Service

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