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ProTip: Never Sell on Price Alone

Michelle Nitchie / Sep 17, 2015 10:00:00 AM

A commercial product, technology or service should never be sold on price alone. The seller who touts a cheaper price alone as a reason to buy will not last long. There is always someone willing or able to sell more cheaply.

- Geoff Ficke

What makes someone buy your product or service?  There is a lot of focus on pricing, and certainly customers are often interested in paying what they believe to be the lowest price.  So you can try to differentiate your product by making it cheap, but as Geoff Ficke points out, it's easy for someone to undercut you by going even lower on price.  What's much harder is for them to duplicate all the other components of your product or service.  Those are the things that need to be in your marketing - what do you offer that few else do?



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