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Tips on Better Teamwork

Jana Love / Apr 30, 2019 9:06:00 AM

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Teamwork...At the center of every high-preforming team is a common purpose that drives each member. This is a mission that goes above and beyond each of the individual team members. Each person has to commit and accept the rules that apply to your team, and this requires an extraordinary amount of trust, faith, and belief in one another. To be successful, the team's interests and needs must come first. Each team member's unique individual differences make up the team and make the team stronger. The word "team" is about focus and vision, and it is this collective effort that empowers a team and helps generate synergy ~ which fosters TEAMWORK

Teams that work well together are in it for mutual gain, each sharing responsibility for successes and failures and always jumping in to help cover for others when needed. Successful teams understand that competing with one another at the expense of the team just cannot happen. Your objectives are team objectives. 

One of the most important principals of a winning team is the foundation of effective communication. You need to ask yourself, (as I do) what do my team members need to know on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to manage their efforts efficiently? What is the most effective method of communication per team member? Make adjustments if you need to, in order to avoid miscommunications. Lastly, each member needs to feel that his or her contribution to any conversation is appreciated and valued. 

High performance teams operate as part of the solution, not as part of the problem. As said earlier, each individual team member is uniquely a part of their team. The only way for the team to thrive is for EVERYONE to speak up and to share their ideas. Effective teamwork means total commitment and participation from everyone. From time to time each member will need to lead, as well as follow. Every member has an obligation to contribute which creates a powerful team dynamic. 

Many great accomplishments in life are not achieved by individuals, but by passionate people pulling together for a common goal. As individuals, our mission should be to offer our gifts to benefit one another, to create gain and momentum for the team. Win-win...Teamwork

Here is a very powerful quote about the flight of geese from an unknown author that we all can all learn from:

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