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The Insight of Kindergarteners: Customer Service

Jana Love / Dec 8, 2015 10:00:00 AM

Back by popular demand this holiday!  For your enjoyment during this wonderful time of the year, we want to give you some additional smiles. Is there anything sweeter than the innocence of a child's view on how the world runs? Their perspective and beliefs on subjects like customer service is so straightforward and simple. Children's thoughts are pure and non-complicated, and this is where the lesson comes in for the adults. 

So for your entertainment, we asked a group of kindergartners (5 and 6 years old) questions about customer service, and like last year, we received some very insightful answers. Their understanding on what good and bad customer service looks like to them is simple and basic and comes from a place of if it "feels good" or not. And, at the core of all that we strive for in providing good customer service, isn't that a great jumping off point to focus on? Simplifying the customer experience through these basic, yet insightful understandings are perhaps the real lesson. 


Did any of these give you a smile and/or insight? So my holiday wish for all of us in customer service is to embrace service from a child's viewpoint. Train your people to have this mindset of simplicity- service at it's most basic level. Happy Holidays!


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