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Do More in 2019~ Benefits of Volunteering

Dana Mudd / Jan 15, 2019 9:11:00 AM

Extend a Helping Hand with VolunteeringAt the start of 2018, our President and Vice President of ProSolutions, Jana Love and Katie Scheer, emphatically encouraged our executive team to take two work days out of the year to step away from our desks, emails, computers, and phones in order to volunteer in any manner of our choosing. Our mission was simply to select a cause we are passionate about, take a photo, and report back on our experiences. I looked forward to receiving our internal company newsletter each month so I could see pictures and read about my comrades philanthropy passions and experiences. Because ProSolutions is home-based and our executive team is spread across five states, it was amazing to see the many diverse ways we were able to make an impact in our communities, while serving a variety of different causes: from volunteering with an organization who supports those with Downs Syndrome, to the homeless or hungry, to raising guide dogs and natural disaster relief. There were so many ways our team made an impact over this past year. We have found that this positive impact extends past just those people and organizations that we are helping, which is another reason why Jana and Katie implemented this new volunteering program.

According to a study performed by Kantar TNS for United Healthcare, not only does volunteering benefit those we are serving, those who volunteer experience personal emotional and mental enrichment benefits, as well as employers benefit from employees who are living a healthful and purposeful life. Statistics below to support this are from Kantar TNS:

Volunteer Stats

As we begin a new year, consider how you will encourage your team to give back to the many organizations in your surrounding communities. We urge and challenge you to implement a volunteer program like ours. You will find that when giving back, the benefits are endless!

Who do we support?

At ProSolutions, as you just learned, we know that it is better to give than to receive. In keeping with that principle, we strongly support charitable organizations, as well as play an active role in our local communities events, projects, and fundraising initiatives. We feel charities like the American Red CrossChildren's Miracle Nework, and Team Ten 4 Kids do important work in helping those in need, and they deserve our support.

If you would like to help, you can easily donate at the links provided above. But we also encourage you to consider learning more about their causes and how you can also help in other ways. Let’s make this world a better place, together.

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