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You Had Me At Hello

Jana Love / Jun 18, 2019 9:04:00 AM

In one day, I had three disturbing customer service exchanges that left me wondering ~ why are some businesses making this harder than it has to be?  Three different businesses: a bank, a retail business, and an airline. One very clear take away, I felt invisible. Each exchange was smothered in handling the process and moving things to closure, vs. recognizing the person in front of them in need of help. 

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First, let's tackle this together by heading back to the basics, which I always recommend.  For some help, take a look at our Top 10 Customer Service Skills list, which you can download and use with your team. Mastering these skills is the goal! 

Next, let's simplify this even further. Here are the magical Three Steps to the lowest hanging fruits of a successful first impression that eliminates the perception of the invisible customer. 

STEP 1: Eye contact.  Look your customers in the eye. Show them they are important to you and they have your undivided attention. 

STEP 2: Greet your customers. To borrow a line from the movie Jerry Maquire, and the title of this blog, "You had me at hello..."  This is so easy to do, but it seems to be so easily missed. Always provide a sincere and timely greeting to your customers. 

STEP 3: Be attentive and helpful.  Giving your customers your attention and then assisting them with helpful suggestions to maximize a great experience is what it's all about. 

Once you have looked your customer in the eye, given them a sincere greeting, and not only offered, but provided them with help and your undivided attention, you have just given the gift of memorable service! Congratulations! 

Need additional help?  Email me at jana@prosolutions.net 

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